21 Mar 2013

3rd session

Today was the 3rd time I've been on the flare and yet it still gives me a massive smile on my face, it's early planning and so easy to pop it's unreal.
If I could have felt my hands properly I would have made a lot more vulcans and even pushed a lot more for the Spock.

Today was awesome nicely powered up on a 4.7 tushy rock waist deep water and some very nice flat spots between the chop.

Can't wait for the summer to be here its been a long cold winter

See you on the water

22 Feb 2013


Yesterday I had the change to use my flare for the first time, not the best idea I've ever had super cold, so cold I couldn't even feel my hands after a few minutes off being on the water, but never the less I loved the flare it got on to the plane really early, smooth and fast and gets arounds the gybes awesome great pop aswell.

My only regret was going out and not adjusting the foot straps properly and ended up flying out of them every time I went for a Vulcan.

But still was a good day and a very well deserved beer at the end of it all.

See you on the water when it gets warmer.

7 Feb 2013

Starboard demo day

Its only been three days since I have been working at the shop 24-7 boardsports and i've had the awesome oppitunity to go down and see the guys from tushingham sails to see all there products for this year, I felt like a massive kid in a windsurf, sup sweet shop the amount of kit was overwelming wall to wall boards, sails, mast, booms and sup's!

Also from now on I will be using starboard kit, managed to get hold of a nice starboard flare thanks to the guys from tushingham sails, and looking into getting a few edge's, cant wait to get out on the water and give it a go.

We also got to see all the new products from red paddle co the world best inflatable sup boards out there, the tech from these guys is out of this world FACT!

Talking of SUP dont forget to head over to supboardermag.com a awesome new online mag with all the lastest news, hints and tips even a forum all on SUP, so get over there and take a look sign up and get involed in the biggest watersport growth out there, and if your not a SUPer yet you soon will be come down to 24-7 boardsports because we have a massive selection of sup's and if your looking to save space but still what to have that really good sup board at a good price, you cant beat the red paddle boards, and a 3 peice carbon paddle, I've got one on my wish list for some summer time cruising up and down the river :)

Well thats all im gonna say for now don't forget to go and check out supboardermag.com and visit us down at the beach.

See you on the water

28 Jan 2013


In my last post I said I was going to go freelance to help out all you lovely people with any training and give lessons on your time.

I have set up a facebook page and email address where you can contact me, or to book a lesson.
As far as times and dates on lessons it will be arranged around yourself and my working hours at the shop 24-7boardsports. I will put a weekly planner as when I am not working and avalible for lessons I will also come up with a basic outline for costs of training sessions and lessons.

I look forward to seeing you on the water

Please note: I can not sign off any lessons as I will be freelance and not working under a RYA center.

22 Jan 2013

24-7 boardsports

Its been a while since I last updated anything on here so I've changed a few things around.
The biggest change that I have made is gone and got myself a new job still in the windsurfing industry but this time helping all you lovely people with any shopping dramas you may have, weather it be from advice to what kit to upgrade to this coming season or just looking for a great deal on any watersports equitment. kitesurfing, windsurfing and SUP thats right we stock all the best brands on the market at 24-7 boardsports.

The past few months have been a little boring for myself but I was offered two jobs that I really wanted teaching in Egypt with Moonbeach and working with the awesome team at 24-7 boardsports, I choose the shop because in the long run it would be better for myself staying in the uk with the family and friends, more money and great windsurfing conditions just outside the frontdoor of the shop and a few more personal reasons.

I will also be teaching as a freelance windsurf instructor, so if there is anything you'd like to learn (your own kit will be needed) you can always contact me at the shop 24-7 boardsports or via email, just say what it is you'd like to learn and I'll get back to yourself with a date, time and price all around your free time and offcourse the forecast.

Hopefully this cold weather soon gets out the way for a nice warm and windy summer 2013! :)

see you on the water and in the shop (plug, plug, plug)